Sunday 9 August, 2020

Minister says investigation into Licensing Authority will be launched

Sign photographed and shared on social media from The Pine Licensing Authority location.

Sign photographed and shared on social media from The Pine Licensing Authority location.

Some customers at the Barbados Licensing Authority, The Pine location were left irate, frustrated and confused.

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When met with an 'out to lunch' sign this afternoon as they sought to renew licences or to acquire new license cards, one customer took to social media to express her feelings. The sign stated, 'WE ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR LUNCH AT THIS TIME. REOPENING TIME: 2:00 WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE CAUSED.'

On Instagram, one lady today, Wednesday, September 4, posted the photo showing the closed door and sign with a caption that read, 'The Licensing Authority needs reforming'. Then she added, 'Everybody took lunch the same time....yesterday they closed for a meeting....last week their system was down'.

Monday, the system was down at Oistins and went down at the Warrens payment centre as well. All branches were indeed closed yesterday afternoon.

Speaking to the Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance Peter Phillips this evening following the incident, he told Loop News that he will look into the situation.

He said, "Thank you for drawing this matter to our attention. It will be fully investigated."

The lady also shared a video of a Licensing Officer refusing to answer their questions once he noticed he was being recorded. In the background of the video the lady could be heard saying, "I want to understand why people are here and they're waiting and nobody's here to help them." Another man, who was up in arms, added, "Tomorrow you gine back and it is de same nonsense."

Once recognising that the camera was rolling, the Licensing Officer walked away and left the frustrated customers with their queries unanswered.

The Minister was made aware of the video as well and he stressed that a full investigation will unfold.

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