Friday 18 September, 2020

Lucian Health Ministry: Local fruits not deadly despite viral video

The Ministry of Health and Wellness in St. Lucia had to spring into action when an erroneous video about some local fruits went viral on social media. 

Dispelling the information contained in the recent video circulating on social media, that five local fruits can cause illness and death, the Ministry was kept busy.

Chief Nutritionist with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Lisa Hunt, maintained that the fruits are safe, and should be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

“There is a video circulating on social media about five local fruits and how they can cause death and illness,” she said. “We assure you that these fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to one’s health, and that to date, there are no deaths or illnesses caused by these fruits.”

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The named fruits are papaya, mango, avocado, starfruit and sugar apple.

“These fruits are very beneficial to health,” the Chief Nutritionist continued. “They are high in nutrients, and phytochemicals which help to prevent chronic diseases and damage to cells. Avocado, for example, is eaten all over the world. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve the good ones. In fact, research has proven that eating a plant based diet will help combat many chronic diseases that are plaguing us today.”

The Ministry of Health assured the public that it can continue to consume fruits and vegetables because they help to improve health and prevent diseases. 

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