Wednesday 26 September, 2018

Ministry urged to do better with homeschooling permissions

Stacia Norgrove, member of the African Heritage Foundation (AHF).

Stacia Norgrove, member of the African Heritage Foundation (AHF).

With the start of the school-term set to commence tomorrow, one mother is frustrated with the Ministry of Education for dragging their feet in regards to her efforts to homeschool her two young children.  

Stacia Norgrove, a member of local charity, The African Heritage Foundation (AHF), heavily criticized the Ministry as she spoke to reporters during a press briefing which was convened to discuss another mother’s plight to homeschool her son who was a victim of physical bullying.  

Norgrove explained she filed an application with the Ministry in February for permission to homeschool her five-year-old and eight-year-old but was given the run-around after being told her application had been twice misplaced.  

“The front desk is doing one thing; another department is doing something else. There is no unity in the Ministry of Education.” 

The mother of four said the situation has been quite frustrating and she has made the decision to enter her five-year-old into a homeschooling program until the Ministry can get their act together.  

“School is about to start on Monday and I haven’t heard a word. It is my decision that I am no longer asking for permission, I am allowing them to know that I am homeschooling. So I decided I will keep the five-year-old at home and the eight-year-old will go onto school.” 

“My problem is- why are you taking so long to carry out your assessments. If I want to homeschool and I have to apply within a set time, then I believe that you should answer me in a set time.” 

Norgrove also took issue with the contents of the Ministry’s homeschool curriculum, saying it did not take into account the special interests of some students or their learning styles. 

“There is no creativity. You are not allowed to explore your passions. It’s just do this and that is it.  

It is more important to complete your curriculum at the end of the term or more important to see progress within your children?” 

An impassioned Norgrove urged the Ministry to stop dragging their feet in the advancement of homeschooling in Barbados and give parents the support they require.  



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