Wednesday 17 October, 2018

Miss Universe Barbados ready to represent

Miss Universe Barbados, Lesley Chapman-Andrews before leaving the island for Las Vegas.

Miss Universe Barbados, Lesley Chapman-Andrews before leaving the island for Las Vegas.

Miss Universe Barbados Lesley Chapman-Andrews has touched down in Las Vegas and is ready to represent Barbados to the fullest.

The next few weeks will be hectic for the 26-year-old freelance Marketing Consultant who was crowned queen a mere six weeks ago at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Chatting with Loop before she left Barbados, Chapman-Andrews divulged that there is a lot more to know about her than what meets the eye.

The certified scuba diver who is passionate about having a greener Barbados described herself as fun and adventurous as well as very compassionate.

Although not very competitive, she confessed that being a beauty queen was something that she always wanted to do:

"I always grew up saying I'm going to be Miss Barbados. Of course, at a young age I always saw it for the glitz and glamour. As I got older I actually realised it was a platform for me to have a voice about things that I am passionate about like having a greener Barbados and speaking to young women...I realised that it was a huge platform for me to do that.'

"I was never a sportsperson, never competitive, even though I did a pageant. [But] I always wanted to represent Barbados so I thought this was the best way that I know that I can possibly do it."

"One thing I'm really passionate about is the environment and I really want to see a greener Barbados, not just in colour, I want us to really be aware of what we're doing to our environment. I would encourage schools and offices to do weekly cleanups. That teaches our children the importance of not littering and what that does for our ecosystems and just our quality of water as well," she outlined.

"I want to re-educate adults in the workplace on what that does for us. As a scuba diver when we go in underwater and see what our coral reefs look like, and that's something that tourists come to and they spend thousands of dollars to come and see and I just really want to have the best Barbados that we possibly can."

Since being crowned, preparation for the Miss Universe pageant has been her sole priority, as she remains focused on winning the crown and doing Barbados proud:

Chapman-Andrews is also proud of the personal growth she has experienced along her Miss Universe journey.

"It has taught me so many things actually, that even though we all know that there is always room for improvement, I've seen myself grow tremendously. I've seen the lengths that I can go to as a person and people have been actually seeing a difference in me as well... I think it has just taught me that I can go above and beyond for myself.'

Miss Universe Barbados, Lesley Chapman-Andrews (right), with delegates from Curacao and Belgium in Las Vegas.

Sharing what impression she hopes to leave on her fellow delegates from around the world, Chapman-Andrews said:

"I want to show them that we're truly the gem of the Caribbean Sea and there's a reason why that's our title! Barbadians are warm and friendly people that's what people fly thousands of miles for - they come for the warm friendly people and the good food. I want people to know that Barbados is amazing. We're full of talent and we're full of culture - that's what I want people to know about us."

Although the schedule will be long and hectic Chapman-Andrews is positive that she is prepared and ready for it all.