Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Moore: 'I will admit I had a view that politics is dirty'

Toni Moore at the podium in The Glebe, St George.

Toni Moore at the podium in The Glebe, St George.

The newest member of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Toni Moore, said she's always shied away from politics but is now ready to serve the constituency of St George North. 

Moore has been selected to be the BLP candidate in the upcoming by-election in the St George North constituency.

She declared her readiness to serve while speaking at the party’s branch meeting on Sunday, October 3, in The Glebe, St George.

“I shied away a bit, I shied away a bit from the life of politics and one of the reasons that I did that is because, I will admit, I had a view that politics is dirty and I didn’t want to tarnish my name, my good name with that of anybody involved in it, and I'm not shame to say that that might have been a naïve position.” 

She explained that she now realises that politics itself does not have to be dirty and that those involved in it "can make it dirty or not". In this regard, Moore said that she is ready to represent her constituency with “no games”. 

“Politics is not the past-time for those who have failed in other walks of life and are seeking a new pathway to power and authority. Power must be a matter of objectives and faithful service,” said Moore. 

She added, “This community does not want big things, but it’s the little things that you can make a difference doing for your people.”  

She stated that students who take both public and private transportation on nearby routes are asking for a new bus shelter due to a leak in the roof of the current bus shelter.

“Representation is what I do,” said Moore, who is adamant that she and her team, will be present in the community to follow up on everything that she said she would do for them.

She also disclosed that her plan for St George North is to use her influence to approach business owners from the area to assist with the community and to start a benevolent fund.

“We have seen how COVID-19, in a short space of time, has decimated a lot of lives' livelihood…when you are in a position that you don’t have money to put food on the table, when you are in a position that you can’t buy uniforms for your children…”

This is why she believes that the help of business owners will be crucial within the communities. 

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