Wednesday 2 December, 2020

More criticism for Mr Killa over Soca Monarch win

On the heels of criticism from chutney singer Nermal "Massive" Gosein, another person is taking issue with the awarding of the 2019 Power Soca Monarch title to Grenada native Mr Killa. 

Mr Killa (Hollis Mapp) won the title on Friday night after performing his hit song "Run Wid It" to an enthusiastic crowd.

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Despite an outpouring of support from many on social media, shortly after, Gosein condemned the song saying it encouraged criminal behaviour. 

Now Umar Abdullah, head of lobby group the Islamic Front, says the judges' decision to award Mr Killa the Soca Monarch title shows a deficiency in society "especially against the backdrop of the bad and reckless behavior of patrons upon hearing the song".

In a statement, Abdullah said citizens are deficient in their ability to think rationally hence the inability to deal with the "social decay" in the country.

"There now seems to exist a cognitive bias amongst our people in particular those in leadership," said Abdullah.

"This cognitive bias has nurtured in us an acute sense of perceptual distortions, inaccurate judgments and illogical interpretations."

Abdullah said such behaviour must not be promoted.

"The Islamic Front is calling on government and all its stakeholders to stop promoting elements of our art form and events that encourage irrational behavior, by filtering and baring out those constituents that has the tendency to threaten our progressive growth. If not, the Islamic Front predicts practical implications for areas including social behaviour, efficacy, clinical judgment, entrepreneurship, finance and management."

Despite the criticism, however, many on social media continued to support Mr Killa and congratulate him on his win. 

Some have questioned where Gosein's voice was in speaking out against chutney songs that promote "rum and horn". 

"Leave Mr. Killa's song alone, it's a lot better than rum, horn and Bollywood songs which are being passed off as chutney. It's original. How many people get charged for picking up something and running with it versus how many people get charged for drunk driving? If Mr. Killa's song encourages criminal behaviour, then chutney music encourages alcoholism and horning," said one commenter.

"Steupssss. Somebody please take Massive Gosein's opinion and run wid it. Because we don't want it," said another commenter.

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