Saturday 17 November, 2018

Motivational Mondays: Don't live by how you feel

"I don't feel like doing it now." "I'll get to that later when I'm feeling up to it."

How many times have we said this or expressed those sentiments? 

Too many times I'm sure!

We are only human and will not always be in the mood to get things going or complete a task - and that's okay. 

Sometimes we really need to exhale and just let a moment pass us by. 

The thing is knowing when it's just a moment; a few moments; some weeks, months, or years - you need to know if this practice is becoming a pattern in your life.

Grab someone you view as successful and ask them if they usually let their feelings dictate their actions - I'm sure no matter how many persons you ask, the refrain will be "no". 

People who are successful understand that their feelings can be their own worst enemy and lead them away from the life they want to live.

Each day you put off those tasks that can move you towards the life you desire, you are also putting off the happiness and satisfaction reaching that goal will bring.

So think of where you want to be and why you want it the next time your feelings tell you not to get moving, then decide if relaxing now is more worthwhile than achieving that dream. 

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