Tuesday 11 August, 2020

PM Mottley allows events with up to 250 persons



Promoters and event organizers can breathe a little easier as Government relaxes its COVID-19 protocols but they can't go back to their regularly scheduled programming.

On Thursday night (June 11), Prime Minister Mia Mottley declared that up to 250 persons are permitted at social events, meetings, receptions, banquets, and parties but physical distancing must be maintained and masks must be worn.


Mottley revealed that organisers hoping to host an event with over 250 persons must work alongside the Ministry of Health officials. A special unit headed by Deputy Chief Environmental Health Officer Ronald Chapman has been established to facilitate requests for large events. 

"The restriction on the size of gatherings in any location, therefore, is really going be subject now under 250 to density, anything over 250 permission can be given but we want to go through the precaution initially of ensuring that those people who want to have larger events will work with us to maintain the physical distancing," she said. 

As it relates to limes and small social gatherings, the prime minister urged locals not to rest on their laurels as Government eases the measures. She encouraged everyone to use common sense as they socialize. 

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"When out socializing common sense, please. Common sense needs to prevail and do not drop your guard. Wherever practical recognize that we must continue to avoid handshaking and hugging," she emphasized. 

Mottley went on to indicate that sporting activities and events are allowed to resume from Monday (June 15) but without spectators. The government is in discussions with local sports associations on the necessary protocols for spectator participation. 

Additionally, gyms are to reopen but they must have the capacity to deal with physical distancing. 

The prime minister disclosed that public service vehicles (PSVs) and Transport Board buses are allowed to operate at full-seating capacity and with a stipulated standing capacity. Persons travelling on public transport are required to wear a mask throughout the entire journey and the windows of the buses must remain open except for inclement weather. The prime minister said that health officials said that having someone standing is no riskier than having persons sitting side-by-side. And she begged commuters to keep on their masks on unless "de rain falling hard" and even then use common sense.

Everyone is reminded that despite the ease in restrictions and reopenings, once they feel sick stay at home.

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