Saturday 15 June, 2019

Move Bussa!

Bussa statue in Barbados

Bussa statue in Barbados

Move the statue of Admiral Nelson from National Heroes Square and while at it, move Bussa from in the middle of the J.T.Ramsay roundabout in Haggatt Hall as well.

“In terms of replacing Nelson, I think the statue could go somewhere down around the Garrison [Savannah]…

“And when I look at the statue of Bussa, where it is, now if you notice where Nelson is, anybody can go stand up there and read whatever is there to read about Nelson or even sit down 'round Nelson, but for Bussa now, you have to cross into a roundabout where no provision is being made to get there. So the average person on a day, to get to Bussa, you really got to risk your life.”

This comes from the President of the African Heritage Foundation, Ras Simba.

Furthermore, he asserted, “If anything I think that Bussa should be in a space more accessible to people; not just to be able to see but [you] could go around the monument that sort of way.”

His comment came after the Nelson statue was vandalized recently.

Not reprimanding the actions of the person who is still at large, he told Loop News, “I think paint is cheaper that dynamite. I think this shows a level of frustration from the people. One person may have done this but the responses show it is a much supported action. I for one think it is long overdue that the statue be moved.”

He said that from some of the comments he read, it is time that the people are informed and educated better about our heritage and history.

“After the people are informed let's see what they think. If the masses say move it, then move it. Nelson is a disgrace to us as a people. He was a criminal no better than Hall.”

Therefore, he stressed that moving the statue is only the start.

“But I also think the removal of the statue should be the start of a move to look at colonial vestiges that remain today and how we are affected by them. In this, the start of the next 50 [years] of independence, we must look at decolonializing Barbados. Let us have some public forums on colonialism in Barbados [in] 2018 and beyond.”

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