Thursday 5 December, 2019

MTWM continuing major roadworks next week

The Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance will be conducting major repairs, maintenance and other work in four main areas next week.

They are asking the public to take note of the following plans for July 16-20.


*Prince Road Depot, St. Michael – A headwall is being repaired at Watts Village while construction of slipper and kerb has started at Club Morgan.  Construction of slipper and kerb is also continuing at Sunrise Drive, Pine Gardens. Work has been completed at Barracks Road where a concrete haunch was under construction. The construction of a kerb wall in Dayrells Road has also been completed.


*Richmond Depot, St. Michael – Repairs to manholes and footpaths at My Lord’s Hill are ongoing. A crew is replacing manholes and reconstructing footpaths in Ricketts Street in the City. Repairs to manholes and reconstruction of footpaths have been completed in Broad Street.

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*Deacon’s Depot, St. Michael - Reconstruction of slipper and kerb in Pillersdorf has commenced. In Ulster Road Grazettes, a crew is reconstructing footpaths and installing new manholes, Construction of slipper and kerb, on a section of road between Lakes Folly and Mason Hall Street is ongoing.  Repairs to manholes in Green Hill and Spooner’s Hill are on hold.


*Six Roads Depot, St. Philip – Road rehabilitation of Pounder’s Road is ongoing. Phase 1 has been paved and completed with Phase 2 having commenced with the construction of a culvert and an annex road. Workmen have also completed paving at Harlington. Work on phase 3 of the road upgrade at Brereton No. 2 and the work on Train Road is also on hold.


Routine maintenance such as weeding and pothole patching is ongoing throughout the districts at all depots.


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