Sunday 12 July, 2020

Much more than a drink: 4 tasty ways to have sorrel

Ask any person from the Caribbean what’s on their Christmas menu and sorrel is sure to be on that list.

Many of us only have sorrel as a drink - boozy or otherwise - but there are so many other ways to enjoy your favourite holiday flavour.

When boiling the flowers to make sorrel juice be sure to keep the pulp because nothing will go to waste!

Sorrel Jam 

Here's a way to ensure that you get to have that rich, spicy flavour all-year round! Jam is a versatile ingredient to keep on hand that you can have as part of breakfast or use in your baking. 

Check out this recipe from Simply Trini Cooking that's all natural with no artificial flavouring or preservatives. 

Sorrel Cake 

Swap out your fruit cake this year for sorrel cake... or have both. Who's judging? Sorrel cake is just as boozy, but the alcohol can always be switched out for an equally tasty alternative like grape juice or even Peardrax.  

Check out the video below from Taste of Trini to try out what's sure to be your new favourite holiday cake. 



Sorrel Ice Cream 

Ice cream is a go-to dessert that usually accompanies cake. And, surprise - you can use sorrel to flavour the creamy, sweetened goodness that is ice cream. 

Here's a quick and easy recipe from Eat Smarter USA that's sure to make this flavour of ice cream an addition to your holiday dessert list.  

Photo via Skarlet Beverage Company

Sorrel Chutney

If you've never heard of this one, let's help you out. Sorrel chutney is the new chow chow. Seriously. It's quick and easy to make using two main methods - grinding by hand or pulsing in the blender. Find out how to make this cool condiment in the video below. 

Have any other recipes that use sorrel? Be sure to share with us!

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