Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Mum of 6 adds a beautiful baby girl on Mother's Day to her circle

When Dawne Quintyne looks back on the year 2020, Mother's Day and COVID-19, it will have a different face in comparison to that experienced by everyone else.

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This year, even during this time of a global pandemic, she has a reason to smile - Baby Quintyne.

At seven pounds and 11 ounces, she's the smallest of her mother's clan, but this Mother's Day, she's filling mum's eyes. Born at 2.08 am today, Sunday, May 10, 2020, she is her mum's third daughter and she has four brothers, all of whom are awaiting her discharge from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

When asked about the differences that COVID-19 posed as it relates to her pregnancy and delivery, the most standout addition was the wearing of a mask.

Dawne said doctor's visits were same, "it was normal procedure"  but you had to wear the mask and the appointments were spaced out. Asked if the spaced appointment times is something she wishes would stay COVID or no COVID, she quickly said: "Yeeeeeeeeah! It feels easier that way. That could stay."

As it relates to wearing the mask, she said that she complied for the health of her baby, but the one time when the mask was not welcomed was during labour. To the question of did it restrict you while in labour, she again said: "Yeeeeeeeah! It's VERY restrictive."

Smiling at her signature yeses with feeling, Dawne said that now almost 12 hours after delivery, she's only in "a little pain".

In terms of changes to the hospital procedure, she said she only came when her contractions came closer together, and "it was nothing different when you go on the Labour Ward. They're only allowing one person on all Wards now, but for the Labour Ward it was always only one person allowed."

Baby Quintyne did not only weigh-in as the lightest of any of Dawne's children at birth, but she now also holds the record for speed. "This one was fast."

Looking forward to going home with her daughter, who's yet to be named, she said that's another part that's going to be different. Talking about the customary visits and persons dropping by to see baby, she said: "Well that will not be happening this time!"

Baby Quintyne was due May 13, 2020, but like the majority of her siblings, she too came before her time.

She was the only baby born at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by midday on May 10, 2020.

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