Friday 30 October, 2020

My embarrassing Crop Over experience

Crop Over is time for relaxation, fun and all round entertainment.

While the plan is usually to take in all that events have on offer, it doesn't always go well, and instead you may find that you provide the event's best entertainment. Some of the funny Crop Over experiences shared were a bit too risque to add to this platform, but here are a selected few that should give you a laugh. 


Fadda Fox had to write 'Ducking' just fuh me. I would never forget de Friday I call in sick after a fete de night before. I was real tired cause' it was de last lap of Crop Over and I was at everything, but de men say dem going to this pool party, barbecue thing Friday afternoon, so you know I there. Next thing when I rolling in bout after 2 or so, I see my boss on de other side in shorts and thing like he ain't even went work de day. Man I do a u-turn so hard and get out so fast man. I doubt he see me, cause he never say nothing and I ain't say nothing neither. But now I does plan vacation round Crop Over, casue I ain't bout de fired life.


I wasn't really embarrassed then but I am now when I think about it. 

Everybody knows that I love to party hard. And I remember one time I was doing my thing when my top fell down. It was one of those that ties behind your neck and I was not wearing a bra. Thing is I didn't even realize what had happened, a friend came rushing in front of me and I was like what's going on. Some people were staring too, but once I fixed it I was partying once more. I didn't feel anyway then, but now oh man, I can't think about it without feeling shame. 


I went out with my friends this night and I not going to tell a lie, I was so wasted. I know I had a good time. This girl was dancing up on me near de end like if I was she man or something - that was de highlight of my night. Anyway, everything done, I get home and sleeping and everything and wake up when I hear a message, check de group chat and see that everybody was up talking about de highlight of their night - pictures of me and a poll. Now I still don't remember this, I swear it was a woman and still feel that all them photos is photoshop.


Do you have any funny Crop Over experiences? Tell us about them in the comments.

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