Thursday 22 October, 2020

Natalie ‘Natlee’ Harewood does not support prostitution

A screenshot from Natalie Harewood's video today.

A screenshot from Natalie Harewood's video today.

The Political Prostitutes Party (PPP) gets no support from former sex worker and independent candidate for The City of Bridgetown, Natalie Harewood.

In a video lasting almost four and a half minutes, Harewood went Live on Facebook to tell her fans, followers and potential constituents that she is not in cahoots with her former Campaign Manager Charles ‘Charlie Spice’ Lewis, who is behind the PPP. She even called for Spice to cease and desist from posting on her page.

Harewood said:

“What I am seeing I do not like… I want the people of Barbados, and the people of my constituency to know I do not respect what Charlie Spice is doing. You stepped down as my campaign manager so it gives you no right to post to my pages!”

And she questioned his motives asking him if he's seeking attention; “You come pun this train to get famous or something. You come pun this train to get money. I don’t have no money…”

Stressing, “I am no longer a prostitute”, she urged, “I am not supporting prostitution in my country. This is what I am trying to stop, trying to help young girls and women to don’t have to go to that life that I have been to.”

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She called on persons to report her ‘Vote Natalie’ page so as to stop Spice from posting about the PPP on her campaign page.

Furthermore, she added, “I will not have it. I am not encouraging no [sic] girl to prostitution. I don’t want that there for no [sic] young lady.

“I was there and I am here now by the grace of God. Don’t come to sabotage or do these things to me on my campaign page!”

Harewood told Charlie Spice that having resigned as her manager effective March 31, 2018, “You stepped down so what? Don’t let my people feel that this is me… Leave my page alone.

“This is not a joke Mr. Spice… I came on a mission to do something that is positive,” so she charged him to stop bringing negative vibes to her page and instead, to do it on his own page.

“I ain’t come to make mockery or sport… You want people to feel I am making a mockery of this. You say you finish, don’t write that crap on my page to let the people of Barbados feel that it’s is a joke.”

Harewood reaffirmed that she’s taking the political campaign seriously and is going about the business on behalf of the residents of The City, even begging for donations daily to continue to help them.

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