Thursday 29 October, 2020

Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood quits 'the game'

Natalie Harewood

Natalie Harewood

It's official according to her Instagram.

Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood has seriously tossed her hat into the political arena and is going full speed ahead with her political campaign.

Showing that it is not a hoax, three hours ago on her Instagram, Harewood told her over 45 000 followers on social media that she is walking away from her current profession.

"Hi, my Instagram and Facebook friends, I am here to announce that I will be quitting my profession as a prostitute to pursue my political ambition to becoming the next parliamentary representative for The City of Bridgetown."

She captioned the video: So proud of myself (along with the teardrop emoji).

In the few short hours, over 8,000 persons have viewed the video clip, and many persons are commenting.

Some of the commenters are not playing nice but others are congratulating and encouraging Harewood to keep on the track.

One person said:

"Listen IDC What Nobody Says , Nat Come So Far This Year & It Has Now Began . Some Of Y'all Will Sit And Judge But She Trying To Do Better For Herself and Others . Congrats Nat❤️ . I Wish You The Best."

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While another shared:

"I so believe GOD is using you. Let him. They criticized judge lied mocked and crucified him but there was no stopping him for he is good and his mercies endures and is kind. He will continue to guide you."

Harewood is building her platform on the basis of 'I'm here for the poor people'.

Since Harewood made her intention to run in the next General Election known last week, she has been met with mixed views as many persons are using her career choice as a reason not to give her their 'X' on the ballot. However, Harewood, has tossed a spoke in their wheels as they say, when she announced her retirement today. 

Harewood has even created a website and is soliciting donations from supporters to help her along the campaign trail.

On the website, it says, 'Donate Money To Natalie' Election Campaign. As you all know, election campaigns are expensive to run. Money is needed for Promotion, Advertising, PR, Social Media Marketing, Transportation and Events. Therefore, Natalie is appealing to all…'

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