Saturday 28 November, 2020

Nation's youth urged to curb anti-social behaviours

“What will you do to help make Barbados a better place?”

This was but one of the many questions Prime Minister Mia Mottley posed to the children in attendance at the Independence Parade at Kensington Oval over the weekend.

In her address, the PM urged the nation’s youth to practice being tolerant and forgiving.

“Can weapons in a school bag be used as a tool of trade? ... I am conscious that the art of listening and the art of forgiveness and the art of tolerance are critical to be instilled in the children of this nation. If these things are instilled in all our children then we know that our nation’s future would be secure. But we cannot do it if we are not prepared to listen to each other or tolerate differences in opinion.”

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PM Mottley spoke to some antisocial behaviours exhibited by children today, noting quick tempers were usually the cause of unnecessary conflicts.

“I ask that we look upon and see if the anti-social behavior- the cursing, the stupse-ing, the flaring up- add to us being able to keep a peaceful nation or they not ratchet up the tempers of those who might find themselves regretting their actions at a future date.”

She encouraged the youth to take their education seriously as they will be the ones to chart the country’s future in a few years.

“Your road is a long road, and yours is a serious duty to help us uplift this nation of ours, such that those who come after you shall always be inspired to give of their best.”

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