Thursday 22 October, 2020

‘Natlee’ not being discouraged, though disappointed

Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood, Independent candidate for The City of Bridgetown

Natalie 'Natlee' Harewood, Independent candidate for The City of Bridgetown

On her Instagram, Natalie ‘Natlee’ Harewood seems to truly be committing to the task at hand of canvassing and campaigning to become the next parliamentary representative for The City of Bridgetown.

However, the naysayers seem aplenty on her social media.

Scanning her comments, Harewood posted a video saying:

“It is sad that most of these negative comments are from women. Whether you do good or bad, they will cry you down, they will judge you. But you know what? God has my back, and I have a mission to accomplish and it will be accomplished by the grace of God.”

She took her time to clearly enunciate and communicate her disappointment in the negative commenters.

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But some people were commenting to bring encouragement.

One lady said:

“So so true sister god is in complete control the same ones who laugh with u in front ur face is some of the same sisters who talk behind ur back hold ur head up high my friend stop worrying about ppl all woman fairs [sic] because ones [sic] ur in bed every nite next to a man ur fairing [sic] so don't let ppl run up ur bp [blood pressure] live laugh and love.”

Many other women told Harewood to keep on keeping on and “don’t mind the haters.”

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Since announcing her wishes to become The City’s representative, apart from the comments on Instagram, photos of Harewood posing with firearms popped up and began circulating via social media and Whatsapp, however, she has posted videos on Instagram stating that she cannot change her past and is not proud of all it but “I can change my future and nothing beats a try!”

Harewood said that she has made "a promise" and she will see it through.

In another video, she reiterated that her mission is to help people “especially the poor and I’m not coming to be fake, I’m coming real. Vote for me Natalie Harewood City of Bridgetown.”

Harewood, who made the decision to quit her previous profession as a sex worker continues to state on social media that having made the decision to run, she is proud of herself.

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