Friday 18 September, 2020

Naturalistas rejoice: Carol's Daughter now in Trinidad and Tobago

One of the most highly praised and endorsed natural hair care line has just arrived in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Carol's Daughter was officially launched in the twin island Republic on Thursday at the scenic Veronique's in St. Clair, where several local beauty and lifestyle bloggers and influencers were among the specially invited guests that were given a preview to the brand's collection.

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Guests were also treated to personalised consultations provided by multicultural hair care stylist and curl specialist, Aileen Toro. Toro also provides live product demos, working on various types of curly hair, allowing guests to see the range of each line on various types of hair. 

Five collections have been launched in Trinidad and Tobago, all of which have a functional use for every type of hair and at each stage of one's natural hair journey. 

The line includes Hair Milk, Almond Milk, Black Vanilla, Sacred Tiare, and Coco Creme. 

While there are already quite a number of natural hair care brands already on the market, according to Brand Manager Desiree John, what sets Carol's Daughter's line apart is that each collection specifically combats individual hair needs and works at every stage of one 's hair journey starting from the transition phase.

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"The main reason why Carol's Daughter stands out is because it specifically deals with hair needs; you choose a range based on your hair needs not just because you want curls. So you'd use the Coco Creme collection for moisture, for example, if you have really dry hair that sucks up moisture really quickly.  If you're transitioning, you'd use the Sacred Tiare because it will prevent your hair from breaking off,  while the Almond Milk is for over-processed hair. After you do the big chop you can start using the Black Vanilla."

Carol's Daughter was born inside a family kitchen in 1993 by founder Lisa Price (who has Trinidadian roots) where she started mixing ingredients under the guidance of her mother. Carefully selected ingredients like sea salt, coconut oil, marine algae were used to provide care for textured hair without having the need to apply chemicals. 

Carol's Daughter is now available at Pennywise Cosmetics, Excellent Stores, Massy Stores, Starlite, and SuperPharm. 

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