Saturday 15 August, 2020

Nazarene Church in Barbados to schools: We do not need Halloween

Members of the Sunday School and the staff saying what they are grateful for, before being dismissed.

Members of the Sunday School and the staff saying what they are grateful for, before being dismissed.

In light of some schools mandating that children wear costumes and participate in Halloween in Barbados, one church is not only speaking out, but it is offering up solutions as well.

Instead of throwing her hands up in the air in despair because some of her Sunday School students are being forced to join Halloween celebrations at their schools, the Director of the Sunday School at Hall Road Church of the Nazarene in St Michael is giving her charges alternatives.


Dressed as Princess Salome, Carol Cumberbatch told Loop Lifestyle:

"Our theme is 'We don't need Halloween', but because some children are being forced to get involved and are being told what to portray like Batman and Superman, we decided to do something different to help those who have some freedom.

"So if you are not given a character, we told the children to choose a Biblical character and research him or her and have fun dressing up in the Biblical character not Batman, and be a positive influence."

Some children came as animals such as lions for their strength and bravery but others were dressed as Mary - Jesus' mother, Ruth, Naomi, David and others.

However, they had to also be able to speak about the characters chosen in case some people challenge their costumes.

Leading from the front, Cumberbatch as Princess Salome did not say her name at first but instead dropped hints and clues about her character until her students and other Sunday School teachers guessed. She said things like "I am the daughter of Herod", "my father is a king", "I requested the head of John the Baptist" and "I wanted to remain a Princess". The children laughed, shouted, and participated fully at the Sunday School yesterday, October 27, 2019.

The students in the young section of Sunday School at the Nazarene ranged in ages from four to 17 or 18 years old.

Cumberbatch said, "Now they can choose to be someone real, someone they admire from the Bible or even a Biblical character who they wish they could have a conversation with." 

The theme for the Sunday School for the entire month of October was 'We do not need Halloween'.

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