Friday 22 November, 2019

Neglected children turning to life of crime

Anglican Bishop Reverend Michael Maxwell is of the belief that childhood neglect is laying the foundation for young ones to enter a life a crime. 

The religious leader said while police intervention is necessary to restore order, more focus should be given to saving the youth rather than trying to rehabilitate hardened criminals. 

“I certainly don’t believe that the criminals in our society were predestined to be criminals but faced a set of challenges... that resulted in this anger and covetousness.   

It is reasonably clear that most of those that have turned to a life of crime and violence are those who themselves have been victims of neglect in their early stages of development.” 

Reverend Maxwell called for early intervention in communities and schools to address those children who have been affected by poverty and learning disorders.  

“The crime and violence as I see it, stems from the fact that we as a society have long ignored those on the fringes who need love, care, attention, support and guidance in the midst of early struggles in their lives. 

Because of that neglect many of them have turned to the only means which they have determined to be fit for their survival and livelihood, a life of crime accompanied by violence.” 

He also spoke to the need for Barbadians to return to God and use divine guidance as a preventative measure to saving the nation’s youth. 

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