Saturday 20 July, 2019

Neighbours remember St. Lawrence resident for her personality

The home where Laura Springer lived alone.

The home where Laura Springer lived alone.

Laura Springer may have only had one daughter, Carla Springer-Jordan, but her unexpected death has left others in mourning as well.

The community of St. Lawrence Main Road has been impacted by the news of police discovering Springer’s lifeless body in her home yesterday, Monday, March 19, 2018.


With two neighbours saying that the last time they saw her alive and well was Saturday, they and others still couldn’t believe the news.

Michael Brathwaite who lived on the opposite side of the road told Loop News:

“She was very friendly. She and everybody in the area get along well.” Asked how he felt on learning of her passing, he added, “Very sad. She used to shout us actually every day. She used to be in the veranda. Early on mornings she’d go get a walk. I never used to hear her in nuh quarrel nor nothing.”

In terms of what he will miss most, he said, "The jovial way how she used to get along; always laughing, could mek yuh laugh, she was a very happy person.”

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Also “saddened” when he heard, a Justice of Peace in the area said:

“I was very, very sad, saddened, because you can always look and see her down there looking out, yuh know? Shaking and waving at everybody that pass, saying hello and how.”

He said that she lived there for "many, many years" because her house is a family home and at first it was her and her husband and then they had their daughter.

Besides taking her walks and being seen in the veranda, he stated, “sometimes you would hear her down there singing and singing loud right there in her house. She was a full of life person.”

One of her next-door neighbours seemed to still be at a loss about the whole ordeal.

Having known her a “longggggg time, very, very long,” practically his whole life of 30 years, choosing to speak under anonymity, he said, “Laura was a very fun person but she normally keep to herself. She was well-known… She was a very good mother, exceptional mother. Laura would always be a socialist…

“To me personally, Laura was not a bad person, she used to look out for me, but other people would say other things… but I am just saying, for me she was not a bad person. She was a very nice person to me and that is the truth.”

In terms of what he heard or remembers from the weekend and yesterday, he said:

“Truth, the last time I saw her… Saturday is the last time I would have seen her talking to some woman in the verandah, like a friendly social talk…after that I saw her alone, cause I came back home.”

Repeatedly stating he heard nothing the night, he said but when he woke up as normal next day, he heard his aunt “reason that somebody murder Laura”. He said she was mumbling and crying at the same time, so he wasn’t sure what he heard, “so I was like Carla? Laura? Wha? Wha you talking bout? I know I hear murder but I thought she was just, yuh know…I didn’t know that she was actually serious… But as I said, that whole night…I heard nothing.”

With regard to Springer-Jordan, he commented that Laura was close to one person - her daughter. “Two of them was like, I wouldn’t say peas in a pod, but two of them was like night and day.

“That’s not to say she wouldn’t talk to you. She would talk to you, have a long conversation with you, hold you in high self-esteem.”

A police vehicle was parked outside the home this evening when Loop News visited the St. Lawrence Main Road area in Christ Church.

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