Sunday 21 April, 2019

New book to help Bajans make better CHOICES

Author Joanne Bishop signing a copy of her recently launched book, CHOICES.

Author Joanne Bishop signing a copy of her recently launched book, CHOICES.

Barbadians now have much-needed practical help from a local perspective on nutrition and better health with the new book CHOICES (Choosing Healthy Options In Conjunction with Exercise and Sustainability) from author Joanne Bishop.

Bishop works in the corporate world, but loves being outside - especially the beach. Her many passions include performing arts, baking, planning events, developing content for training, nutrition and exercising (especially running).

Speaking about the book at the recent launch at Surfside Wellness Center in Wildey, Bishop said the inspiration behind CHOICES developed from the numerous questions that kept coming after she made the lifestyle change.

"My new, effective approach to life took on consuming the essential nutrients required for my body, burning off the unnecessary calories and aiming to maintain that balance for a lifetime."

Bishop added she found that lots of people equated living a healthy lifestyle to that of something unattainable, or they put it in a confined, rigid box, noting, "I wrote the book to enlighten people.”

Being mindful that knowledge is power, her aim is to equip others with the know-how.

"People need to know that there is a better way of life, one that is not over-the-top, one that is not expensive but one that is sustainable."

CHOICES is a practical foundational approach to living a healthy lifestyle. It uses the pillars of nutrition, movement and how rest recharges the body, by highlighting the effectiveness of the combination.

According to Bishop, for those who are looking for a challenge to a more robust way of living, or those searching for ways to maintain a wholesome daily life, CHOICES is the book for you.

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