Monday 6 July, 2020

NEW MUSIC: Marvay has the Antidote for Crop Over 2017



'You want something to smile 'bout?'

Marvay poses this question in his new release for Crop Over 2017 and the groovy, chill, guitar-infused track goes on to give us just that.

Still in De Red Boyz camp and coming off two strong releases in 2015 and 2016 with Survive The Weekend and Know De Face, Marvay starts the 2017 Crop Over season with Antidote.

Crop Over music releases are picking up and while its early days yet, Antidote's uplifting, universal message, chill vibe and Marvay's dreamy vocals will likely keep it in heavy rotation in the coming months. 

In the video, released today, Marvay trods through Bridgetown, greeting passersby and reminding viewers of the power of human connection.


Marvay says of the track:

"When you look at me, you may not be able to tell that I’ve had heartbreak, hurt and that sadness at one point felt like it was my only companion. We have all struggled with so many things, in many ways.

"Truth be told, the person right next to you has a story. One that may be different to yours or one that may be similar. Not everyone can deal, not everyone can cope constantly and sometimes we might just want to take a moment to forget it all.

"I feel a change every time I am in that place where soca music reigns supreme. I am light. I am free. And I am hopeful within it. And I am with you! My antidote."

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