Thursday 1 October, 2020

New protocols recommend reservations and contactless payments for gyms

Users of gyms and other fitness studios should make reservations for their sessions, where possible.

In addition, contactless payment and check-in systems are encouraged and reservations should be confirmed 24 hours before the patron’s scheduled arrival.

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These are some of the recommendations contained in the new list of protocols for gyms and similar establishments.


Unlike what pertained before COVID-19, there is to be no person-to-person contact during fitness classes. Training sessions such as yoga, aerobics and dance are to be modified to limit the number of participants and ensure a minimum of six feet is observed between individuals.

Classes can be relocated to outdoor locations or larger spaces which can accommodate greater numbers while maintaining the same six feet requirement.  

For high intensity activities the physical distancing requirement is extended to eight feet as opposed to six. Aerobics, spin, conditioning or machines such as elliptical, tread or stair machines are examples of high intensity activities.

Group sporting events, organized intermural activities, pick-up basketball or organized races get the nod of disapproval under the new protocols as they are considered high-contact programmes and are to be suspended.  Any activity that requires close contact less than six feet is not to be permitted.

Personal Training

While conducting personal training sessions, instructors are to maintain a six-foot distance from the client and wear a face covering. Clients are “strongly encouraged” to wear a face covering while receiving instruction during sessions.


Where equipment cannot be adequately spaced, being six feet apart, it is to be taken out of service to comply with this physical distancing requirement.

Ventilation systems are to be in good working order and increasing the maintenance schedules for air-conditioning systems should be a consideration for gym owners.

Showers and locker rooms should only be used if partitions are in place. Such facilities should remain closed if partitions are absent or proper distancing cannot be achieved.

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In addition to rigid sanitization guidelines, it is expected that a copy of the new protocol be posted at all public entrances to fitness facilities. Signage is to be in place to inform clients of occupancy limitations and serve as reminders of the social distancing requirements.

Gyms are encouraged to use online mediums to communicate all the necessary information related to the new established protocols which is intended to aid the safe management and operation of gyms in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis.

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