Sunday 20 September, 2020

New venue for Bermuda Heroes Weekend

The 5th Anniversary of the Bermuda Heroes Weekend will be celebrated in a new venue. 

BHW Ltd. has partnered with the City of Hamilton for the finale of what has become a highly anticipated salute to Carnival. 

“The BHW team is eager to execute this thrilling move, which will provide all participants with everything they have stated was missing from this electrifying event. But it will not just be those playing Mas reaping these benefits, the thousands of spectators who come out to enjoy and support the Parade will now also have so much more to look forward to on June 17th. We promised Bermuda a grand surprise in our last press release and the BHW Ltd. team always delivers,” said BHW President, Jason Sukdeo. City of Hamilton Mayor Charles Gosling has been instrumental in orchestrating the move and welcomes the Parade.

“The City is thrilled to partner with BHW in this celebration year.  Part of the City’s Vision statement is to be vibrant. I have no doubt that the costumes, colours, culture and music that will be on display during the Parade that day will fit that bill.  This partnership is the perfect fit for both Hamilton as well as Carnival in Bermuda.

“Hamilton Harbour provides a beautiful backdrop, the City is central with easy access and there is a multitude of restaurants and retailers that can be enjoyed as onlookers enjoy the revelers. We are proud to continue a long-standing tradition of hosting some of Bermuda’s most dynamic events in Hamilton and we wholeheartedly welcome the fastest growing carnival in the world to Hamilton,” he said.

Sukdeo said the move to Hamilton provides the participants as well as the spectators with more entryways into the city which will alleviate any traffic issues.

“There are more parking facilities as well as additional modes of public transportation via buses and ferries. Bringing the Parade into the City will also help to boost business for those restaurants and bars along the route that can accommodate the spectators. The BHW team is working feverously to deliver an exceptional five-year celebration of Bermuda Heroes Weekend. The party in Hamilton is simply one more way the team is ensuring that it is the greatest event ever.”

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