Thursday 20 June, 2019

VIDEO: New Year starts with a mix of boys and girls at QEH

New Year's Day babies delivered at QEH to start 2019.

New Year's Day babies delivered at QEH to start 2019.

The first baby born in 2019 was a girl and she led the way for another girl and two boys, all birthed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) on January 1, 2019.

She is Safari Pilgrim. Born at 2:08 am on New Year's Day, her reserved first-time mum said, "it was a worthwhile experience." Asked how she felt when she learnt it was a girl on delivery, shrugging her shoulders slightly, she shared, "If it were a boy I would have felt the same way. I just wanted a healthy, natural, safe delivery."

Hot on her heels, at 2:37 am, less than half an hour later, 27-year-old Khadija Ifill had her baby girl. However, from her ultrasound, she knew she was to have a girl. She said that when she found of the sex, she felt "good, excited, thankful". A first-timer too, she said that regardless of how people tried to prepare her, "the cramps were pretty intense." She was in labour for a whopping 27 hours.

Takai was due December 29, 2018. Feeling "pretty okay" that she chose to come January 1, with some giggles Ifill said, "It wasn't a big deal if she come the first, I just wanted her to come, so I actually thought she would've come, I was hoping that she come early so it wouldn't be so painful. But she ended up coming January 1st so..."

Ifill's twin brother Chad was visiting his sister when Loop News stopped by, and while looking at his new cute niece who was being fed by his sister, he said, "I'm feeling good, grateful. She's a blessing. Children are always a blessing." Khadija is the first of the pair to give their mom a grandchild.



In third place, if it were a race, was Daniel Stephens. This is Audrey Oxley-Stephens' second son. Daniel has a six-year-old big brother, D'mani Hewitt, waiting at home. Of the two pregnancies, Oxley-Stephens said this time "was easy. The first one I tried to do a natural birth and due to my gestational hypertension I was unable to, so I had to get a C-section with the first one. So the second one I just opted to do it straight away because I knew I would have the same issue."

That said, this time though it was the same procedure, she felt different. "With the first experience I was scared but I was exhausted. So when they took me it was like...okay so I just hope that the baby is okay but because I was so exhausted when they stick me in my back I just dropped down one time. So when I got up and heard that he was good, I was like, okay good.

"But with this one I was up, aware, so I would say that I was most concerned because I was more aware."

Asked how she feels to have given birth to the first baby boy for 2019, with a smirk, she said, "It really don't matter yuh know? I'm just happy that he's alive and well." Daniel was born at 10:32 am.

Now with two boys to raise, Loop asked Oxley-Stephens if there are any things that she did with her first son that she won't do with her new bundle of joy, without missing a beat she said, "Yea of course. I realised like certain things I've done with my first like letting him watching TV - too much, with this one I don't think so, I'm just going to let him go outside and play because my first one he loves a TV.  very bad. That's because at a couple of months we put him in front of the TV and he hasn't left since."

Being delivered at 4:35 pm, Levi Devonish is finally here to meet his older brothers who are eight years old and four years old. Asked how she feels about having another son, 29-year-old mom Leanne Devonish said with a huge smile as she held him to her chest, "I just wanted a healthy baby".

Noting this as the longest of her labours to date, she explained that her water broke around 2:00 am on January 1, but she did not deliver her third son until after 4:00 pm. Besides being "extremely long" she said that this pregnancy was "kind of better. I did not have morning sickness for long it allowed me to go to work up to the 15th of December I think. So it was great...but lossssss! This was the longest and the hardest.

"Plus I guess I was freaking out too because it was long to me, so I was tired but other than that, I glad he come! That's de truth." 

The labour ward was full of babies born in the last days of December 2018. Almost all of the 40-something beds were occupied by mothers who had delivered in the last four to five days of the last year. 

Congratulations to all!

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