Friday 18 September, 2020

New Year’s resolutions for the average Bajan

Every calendar year comes with the planning of a range of New Year’s resolutions and the promise to stick with them, though this is not often the case.

Take a look at this simple and inexpensive list of resolutions that is easy to apply and will make the Barbadian community a more wholesome space.

Cut down on the sweet drinks – the introduction of the sweet drink tax hoped to put a dent in the number of carbonated beverages Barbadians consume and contributed to the goal of creating a healthier population. But there is always room for improvement. Reserve sweet drinks for special occasions and outing as opposed to everyday treats.

Meditate – Whether you are employed in public or private sector, workplace stress is a common factor which is known to cause several physical ailments and can also decrease levels of productivity. Set aside 15 minutes of meditation daily to relax your mind and calm your nerves. In this way, the country can benefit from more desirable workplaces, boosted productivity levels and decreased levels of employee absenteeism. 

Commit to better customer service – Let 2017 be the year when no one has to hear ‘Bajans too unmannerly’. Those in customer-facing jobs can contribute to changing the poor image of customer service in the country by being polite and going the extra mile where it counts.

Start a trade – Everyone can benefit from a little extra money, especially considering difficult economic times. Now is the time to get creative and start making money, whether it be selling snacks or delivering a service.

Be more grateful – Yes, there are some who have now gone months without water. Yes, there is a worrying amount of crime occurring on the island. And yes, the cost of living leaves a lot to be desired. But overall Barbados is doing well as a small island developing state so for 2017 let's try less complaining and more gratitude.

Get movingThe high incidence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) continues to be a headache for health officials. Daily exercise can assist in lowering these worrying statistics and can be done without an expensive gym membership. Commit to an hour daily of walking, swimming at the beach or a jog around the neighbourhood.

Be more aware of the environment – Waste management and disposal should not rest squarely on the shoulders of Government. Using simple recycle techniques such as waste-sorting everyone can keep Barbados clean.

Volunteer for a charitable cause – Don’t let the holiday season be the only time to give and share. There are several charitable causes which require volunteers. Choose one and give a little throughout the year. 

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