Monday 3 August, 2020

Nikita shows off baby Knox and shares some early motherhood tidbits

Nikita and her son Knox

Nikita and her son Knox

Almost two months along her motherhood journey since giving birth to her son, Nikita Browne-Herbert is still on cloud nine and growing in wisdom daily.

To her titles singer, songwriter, wife, and her moniker 'orange-hair songbird', Nikita has added 'mother' and she really couldn't be happier.

Baby Knox was born on September 4, 2019, at MD Alliance Hospital.

Chatting with Loop Lifestyle, we sought to find out what lessons the new mom has learnt already.

She said:

"Motherhood has taught me to just be present in the moment. Sometimes it’s best to silence the “inner chatter” and breathe, especially when it’s just me and the baby. No one in the world will love me like he does and I’m grateful for that love. Literally nothing else calms my soul like my son’s smile."

Cute as button, she shared how she came to name her son Knox.

"I had a “top 5” list of names and so did my husband and best friend! Knox was the only one in all 3 and I loved the meaning and character of it, not to mention just how unique it is!!" she shared.

A lover of soca, Nikita had to restrict herself over the last Crop Over season. Such a Kadooment baby at heart, Nikita even got clearance from her OBGYN to partake in the Kadooment Day jump and she did without overdoing for the short few kilometres she was allowed. Though short, it was sweet for Niki as she shared her tradition with her close friends.

Asked how it feels to no longer be pregnant after close to 40 weeks of carrying her son, she laughed and said:

"I’m beyond relieved to not be pregnant anymore! 

"Don’t get me wrong, I had somewhat of an easy and comfortable pregnancy, but those last weeks I was soooo over it, kept dreaming about what his features and antics would be like. Couldn’t wait to meet him!"

And she got a Virgo baby just like herself.

Though new to this game, we still asked Nikita to share some advice after her first month of mothering Knox, and she said: 

“It’s all gonna be OK!

“Remember you and your partner are a team!

“Ask for help!”

Without missing a beat, these were her nuggets of wisdom for anyone who is pregnant, who is soon to become a mother by whatever means, or who is new to this chapter of motherhood as well.

Congrats to the Herberts! Welcome Knox!

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