Monday 26 October, 2020

Nikki Beach Barbados working with Barbadians to keep busy, busy, busy

Nikki Beach Barbados

Nikki Beach Barbados

As a real estate agent would say business success is dependent on three things – location, location, location, and Nikki Beach Barbados is reaping success on that basis as well.

Working with a majority Barbadian staff and fostering relationships with local farmers to ensure farm to table freshness, Nikki Beach Barbados has opened its doors to locals as well.

And with solid bookings reported, Barbados is not only benefiting, but it’s turning out to be a truly beneficial spot for the global luxury brand as well.

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PR & Marketing Manager of Nikki Beach Barbados, Marie-Claire Holthuizen told Loop News:

“Nikki Beach Barbados has been busy since opening doors at the end of 2017, just in time for a sold-out New Year’s Eve celebration. We’ve been entertaining daily and have had a successful start.”

In just a few short months, Nikki Beach Barbados has been able to attract visitors from as far East as Europe. Holthuizen shared, “Since we’re a global brand, we attract visitors from around the world. We’ve hosted many British, American and Canadian guests over the past several weeks. We’ve also entertained people from South America, Europe and of course, the Caribbean.”

Some Barbadians have been left in awe by photos from the new establishment while others were shocked by the price tags and receipts from patrons, but visitors and guests have been enjoying the menu, atmosphere and getaway immensely as demonstrated by their purchases.

With a smile, Holthuizen confirmed that on the island, “Our signature Mojito is a favorite in Barbados and around the world, we’ve sold over 1 million. Our globally inspired menu also features a Chicken Satay, a Sexy Salad with lobster, shrimp and crabmeat as well as our famous Sushi Boats. Guests always seek out those dishes.”

Loop asked if they are working with local farmers to make their dishes and she answered in the affirmative saying, “We’ve infused local flair into our cooking by showcasing local ingredients that are organic whenever possible.

“Right now, we’re working with [Barbados’] Clifton Meats and Shorelinez Inc for local catches including tuna, mahi mahi and swordfish. Some of our produce is also locally sourced, such as our avocado. We will continue to form close relationships with the community to support the area as much as possible.”

And in terms of working with the locals in a wider sense, she confessed, “Whenever our brand opens a new location, we like to fly in our teams to help train our staff and infuse the Nikki Beach culture and experience into the location. We currently have a group on site that works at various seasonal properties of ours and will be returning to their respective locations shortly. At this time, however, nearly 70 percent of our staff are Barbadian.”

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