Wednesday 30 September, 2020

No child left behind at St. Leonard’s School

Staff at the St. Leonard’s Boys School are paying special attention to one group of Third Year students to ensure they are being given the best advantage.

The school recently launched the SLCT/SLB Alternative Curriculum and Entrepreneurship Programme with the assistance of the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust and the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC).

The programme was conceptualized by the Third Form Year Head, Winston Cumberbatch, specifically for students who were held back. Cumberbatch told attendees at the programme launch on Wednesday that he believes third year is by far the most challenging for secondary school students and they sometimes take decisions that can lead them down the wrong path.

Cumberbatch explained the students who were asked to repeat third year were placed in a special class to enable the school to provide a specialized programme to address their needs.

“This is not to say that they are doomed for failure. In most cases these children would like to do better but they lack self-belief. What they need is … to have a customized learning experience that meets their needs which we believe is not possible if they are placed among the new third formers.”

He explained the programme has been formulated to meet the emotional and educational interests of the boys in order to get them "back on track". The academic load of students in the programme has been reduced so they would be able to focus on fewer subjects for the upcoming exams of the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). The entrepreneurial aspect of the programme is geared at finding opportunities of business development by pairing the students with craft businesses. 

Over the last five weeks, the students started training in the production of leather craft through partnership with the BIDC.

Principal Stephen Scott praised the programme for giving the students the opportunity to “attain their full potential”.

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