Friday 25 September, 2020

No colour for Christmas 2017 in Town yet, as Bajans shop early

Shoppers in long lines seeking to make purchases.

Shoppers in long lines seeking to make purchases.

The addition of the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) to price tags may dissuade some or force them to reuse where possible, but for many Christmas means shopping for new items and they are making their purchases despite some price hikes.

Businesses in Bridgetown are not seeing one distinct colour trending this year, but one thing they did agree on is that the Christmas fever is definitely in as Bajans shop.

So far, red, gold, teal and silver are the colours most business owners in Bridgetown singled out as the most sought-after colours this Christmas season.

Now, although they couldn’t decide on one set colour, what each of them contended was that sales are just as booming as last year, because “Bajans love Christmas!”

Some even pointed out that many persons even began their Christmas shopping from as early as October and then in November to save the hassle and ensure their houses were decorated on point.

Manager Dianne Gittens from the Tasha’s Wonderland section located in Cave Shepherd believed red and gold to be the two trending colours in her section. Christmas trees and ornaments to decorate the Christmas trees are also going fast, she contended, as she looked around the First Floor.

“They are also a variety of other popular items such as flowers, ornaments, mesh but sometimes it depends on the individual. Maybe you may have a colour that you had last year but you just want to change out with another colour,” explained Gittens

“People enjoy Christmas! They love Christmas so they do come out and shop. They love Christmas trees and they love to see their houses decorated with the Christmass tree. I think it enlightens the house and makes it look pretty. I guess when you come home and you put on your Christmas tree and it’s lit, it brings an atmosphere of warmth and stuff like that so people usually want a Christmas tree.”

In Abed’s Swan Street location, the colour teal was selling like water, with some persons purchasing fabric and other decorative items from as early as October according to Manager Suzette Layne.

“Persons look to purchase material from October to get throw cushions and other items made because persons like to decorate the entire house. I guess they start from October because some needleworkers have a deadline or cut off date.”

However although many persons opt to buy material, “most choose to buy ready-made curtains from the store because it’s less hassle,’” Layne added.

Sales started to pick up for Sas Department Store from November with Christmas decorations in teal and silver moving fastest according to Managers Kianna Sippy and her husband who prefers to go by 'Mr. Sippy'.

“Mesh wrap is selling really, really well, and we also have a lot of sales with the hand-crafted decorations as well. As it relates to curtains teal and bright colours have been selling as well,” explained the couple.

“Everything in here is moving fast - every single thing!” exclaimed Woolworth Sales Assistant Jutonia Holder.

“Confetti is very popular. A lot of people are coming for the birds, hanging ornaments, desk trees, mistletoe and the big decorative balls. Everything in here is moving fast - every single thing! Even if it's the little small tree ornaments, small balls or even chocolate and sweets. People started buying decorations in October and I find curtains have also been selling in a lime green colour.”

However, Holder singled out teal, silver, red and gold as the hot colours this season, and part of her colour selection was also supported by The Peoples Mart’s Manager 'Chan' who said teal was going fast.

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