Wednesday 5 August, 2020

No Crop Over but satellite zoom-in fetes to the rescue

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley says Barbadians deserve 'some form of respite'

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley says Barbadians deserve 'some form of respite'

Crop Over 2020 in its normal sense may be officially cancelled but Prime Minister Mia Mottley believes that Bajans deserve a little respite.

And she is ready to bring a lit vibe virtually.

To this end, the concept of satellite zoom-in fetes is one being actively explored to provide some much-needed merriment for Barbadians. “We are not having the formal Crop Over but we have come up with something I hope that can work called satellite zoom-in fetes,” the PM stated as she appeared as a guest on Grenada’s Power 95.1 FM today (July 1).


Video caption: PM Mia Mottley on Friday (June 26) talks about how restrictions could be halted when necessary if necessary.

Equating it to "taking a little rest in the middle of a journey” PM Mottley explained the rationale of the alternative to The Ladies' Room radio show host Aruna today. Last Friday, she educated Barbadians on this possibility and coached the Tourism Minister Kerrie Symmonds, because entertainment is more her sphere than his.

Therefore, she said:

"As long as we continue within the context of where we are, there are no patients at the moment in quarantine or in the isolation facilities [in Barbados]…so long as we can minimize the risks, then I believe that the people deserve some form of respite and if we can have small gatherings, if we can connect people on pastures and outdoor venues through the technology that exists and allow them to have a little dance and a little drink and a little food and for those who sell and make their money from this to be able to do that, then why not?” The PM questioned.

While PM Mottley went on to make the point that the present COVID-19 environment may extend to the remaining months of the year she suggested that it called for some sensible judgement from all affected. It requires one to know “when to literally accelerate and when to brake”.

Indicating that it required a collaborative effort between those who governed and the country’s populace the PM compared the cooperation to dancing. “So long as the population is in synch with us, it is no different from dancing. When we dancing together, we moving together, we chipping together, we going forward and we coming back together. So, the key is understanding the rhythm of what is required from us in this COVID season. That rhythm allows a little relief but it also requires of us lockdown when necessary,” she explained.

Recently, the restrictions on gatherings locally were relaxed, allowing up to 500 persons at public events. After July 15 that number could increase to over 500 once the all-clear is given from health officials and the country remains on its current trajectory as it relates to the discovery of new cases of COVID-19.

Since relaxed measures came into effect a number of events have taken place as cruising resumed and there has been a steady increase in activity at entertainment facilities across the island. 

Mottley pitched the idea again today with more confidence and a little razzle-dazzle that left many citizens of CARICOM wondering if there will be a way for them to Zoom into Barbados virtual Crop Over activities.

She may be the out-going Chair of CARICOM, but 'Aunty Mia' never forgets to unite the region with one call.

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