Friday 10 July, 2020

No huge concerns about beachgoers on Day 4 of reopening since COVID-19

The lifeguard at Enterprise Beach was closed by 10.10 am on May 4 after beachgoers left (FILE)

The lifeguard at Enterprise Beach was closed by 10.10 am on May 4 after beachgoers left (FILE)

"I don't have any huge worries about the beaches."

These are the words of the COVID-19 Czar in Barbados, Richard Carter after his latest outing to the beach today (May 7). "I haven't seen anything that hugely concerns me."

Speaking to Loop News from the parking lot at Enterprise Beach, he said:

"I went to the beach this morning. This is the second time I've been and people are generally observing the physical distancing on the beaches.

"I think people are so glad to have the opportunity that I don't think people are going to compromise it."

Beaches reopened from Monday, May 4, to swimmers, walkers and beachgoers in general between the hours of 6 am and 9 am, as part of the island's phased reopening strategy.

The Czar, who visited not only Enterprise Beach, commonly known as Miami Beach, has also paid visits to Browne's Beach along Bay Street in St Michael and Accra Beach in Christ Church.


Video caption: Day 1 of the beach reopening on May 4 at 9.09 am

Noting the numbers present over the four days so far, he said:

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"I think you would see greater numbers like at this week because it's the first time they're open. People are now getting out, but I think just like everything else it's going to level off and we're probably going to see lower numbers."

With some people asking about gatherings at the beach, Carter said from his experience, "Some people are sometimes in groups of more than three, but most of the time those are family members who are together - so no big concerns there." 

The Czar said that by 9.05 am the beach was empty and persons were leaving or had left. This was the same when Loop visited on Day 1 of the beaches being re-opened.

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