Sunday 24 June, 2018

No reports made to police of woman with gun

Stop sharing fake reports

Stop sharing fake reports

"Persons need to come forward and make these reports."

The police spokesperson Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler wants people to make official reports.

"Once again we will appeal to persons experiencing these situations to come forward and make formal reports and to those fabricating, please desist.

"Report it if it is happening so we can plan our strategies to catch these culprits or to deter them from engaging in such behaviour."

Having seen soe photos and sories floating around via WhatsApp this week, he told Loop News: "Some of these stories that I’m seeing on social media cannot be substantiated. We do not have any official reports."

Asked if he believes it is time that the police seriously persue persons who are misusing the technology, he said:

"I realise that persons are still using the social media to really put things out there that are inaccurate. The last thing I saw was people talking about a lady saying that she has a gun and is recently out of prison, but when he checked his officers there were no reports.

"We have to look at it because eventually, it will cause some sense of false panic to really overcome the society, so we will look at it and then make a determination for sure, because we have been making the appeal for persons to stop and we realise that persons are not listening."

In addition, he stressed, "Even persons who have personal experiences, sharing it on social media and not making a formal report will not help us to plan our strategies."