Monday 22 July, 2019

No.1 Lil Rick wants people 'do bad' without guns

FILE - Lil Rick won the Party Monarch competition last year.

FILE - Lil Rick won the Party Monarch competition last year.

“I begging fuh peace!”

Did you think he was begging for piece?

Well, you got it half right because Ricky ‘Lil Rick’ Reid is about ‘jukking down piece’, but that's not all. Lil Rick also is calling for unity and peace as he is not supporting crime and violence at all.

Speaking about his power soca track he said, “It is about unity and all the gun violence and all that happening and it is about coming together and partying. If yuh bad, if you play that you bad come and show me how bad you is down Spring Garden and do bad. That is de kind of do bad you should be doing.”

The ‘Ah like muhself’ singer is back to defend his Party Monarch title with ‘Energy’ as he sings “Don’t bring no badness inside mi yard…only time me stabbing, when I jam she hard. Only shots I know ‘bout, down inside mi pants… Put down the gun and wuk… Don’t kill me vibe ‘cause I love mi life. Put de war aside… Now jam together, and party hard. No fuss nor fighting…only piece I teifing is piece of uh dat.”


With the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) deciding to put the Party Monarch competition first instead of second when the Soca Royale goes down on July 30, 2017, Lil Rick said he will bring the energy to Soca Royale and he does not care that he is out the blocks first. Simone Tull of Pyramid Entertainment which manages Lil Rick drew on his behalf during the draw ceremony yesterday.

Today speaking to Loop, he said:

“Well, somebody gotta go first. That is the number I get and I gotta work with it. Really it aint no difference… I will be the beginning of the show. The show will get a hype start. Nobody don’t like number 1, but that is what it is and I gotta work wid it, so I will mek it be de best number 1!”

The Party Monarch competition will immediately follow the pre-show. The gates at Bushy Park open at 3:00 pm for the Soca Royale 2017.

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