Sunday 24 June, 2018

Oistins in line for major makeover

The creation of a continuous waterfront pedestrian route between Enterprise Beach and Welches Beach is among plans for Oistins in the amended Physical Development Plan (PDP) that will be implemented in the short to medium term.

Disclosure of this came from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart last weekend at the Flow Oistins Fish Festival, as he reflected on the role that Oistins continues to play in the parish of Christ Church.

He says following a March 11 public consultation on the Oistins Community Plan in the amended PDP, participants were informed that the proposed amendment has set out policies directly related to the community core and to sustainable development, cultural heritage and mobility infrastructure among others.

Prime Minister Stuart said they are looking at the creation of a Transport Terminal with multi-modal options by relocating the existing bus terminal to the land side of Highway 7.

They also intend to create a new beachfront park on the site of the existing terminal which has as its focus the heritage and culture of Oistins.

Also proposed is the “upgrading of sidewalks and pavements and where necessary build new pathways to increase pedestrian safety,” he explained.

In the long term, to reduce traffic congestion along the busy Highway 7 corridor, Stuart says there are plans to introduce a water taxi service to link Oistins to Bridgetown, and possible other locations along the coastline, which possess the necessary infrastructure to facilitate watercraft passengers.

Reassuring that the outlook for the future of Barbados is positive, he stated that the plan identifies a unique opportunity to create a remarkable waterfront unlike any other in Barbados because of the heavy public ownership of beachfront lots.