Ojoru Wednesdays welcome the New Year with ‘Fireworks’

The weekly midweek party - Ojoru Wednesdays, celebrated the New Year in style on Wednesday inside The Old Jamm Inn.

The St. Lawrence Gap venue was filled with patrons as Ojoru Wednesdays celebrated the arrival of 2017, complete with a countdown to midnight.

The party, titled ‘Fireworks’ was hosted by Nicolette Lewis, who was in from Trinidad. She got the countdown started as sparklers were lit and patrons were treated to free jello shots, cupcakes, bottles of wine and other goodies.

Nicolette, along with DJs Tonk and Jones, Evolution and Big Mike, and Tank and Lil Shane, kept the crowd entertained for the entire night, as they took in the Old Year’s do over.

One patron told Loop:

"I really enjoyed the event tonight. To be honest I was not really expecting the festivities seeing that Old Years night was on Saturday. However, I really like the concept that they brought counting down to the New Year again, seeing that the event fell after Old Year’s. I really felt as if it was Old Year’s Night again! The guys did a great job tonight."

Promoter Shakeel 'Juks' Greaves was happy with the outcome of the event, saying, "Coming straight after New Year’s initially we were a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect but it was beyond special to see people come out in their numbers, to see them join in our countdown, to see the people just enjoy Ojoru! It was definitely the best Ojoru to date and a preview of what's to come in 2017."