Friday 10 July, 2020

Outrage over visitor's art at Bathsheba

Many Barbadians are not happy with a visitor's decision to paint on a building in Bathsheba, which was featured on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Some persons are referring to as graffiti to a painting by visitor to Barbados Naveen Shakil, which was done on a building in Bathsheba, St Joseph last week.

The New York-based artist apologised on Instagram for what she said was art "to offer the same positive feeling of love, life and living a dream that being in Barbados offers to all who come, and to all who live there". 

However some persons took to social media to express their disapproval of her actions, while a group of persons used a power wash to remove the painting yesterday. 

Here is what some persons had to say.

Shannboogi- "What an incredibly selfish act @naveen.shakil. You paint on a landmark without anyone's permission and then you leave your trash for locals to discover and clean up? Please, don't return if you can't behave with ethics. This gives street artists such a bad reputation."

kalenestylestressed that Barbadians could not do this in her country:

This is terrible, if we did that in your country we would be punished to the greatest extent of the law. This is shameful and terribly disappointing. I can't even express how saddening this is..."

pbjam89 hopes that it would help to raise awareness about historically important buildings in the island:

"So sad...I've always looked upon it fondly when I visit Bathsheba. In your "apology" you say it was just a life guard station, trying to suggest the building is not important. What you fail to see is that it is a part of what makes Bathsheba special. Barbados is a small island that does not have many historical sites left that have been just contributed in a big way to that problem. It hurts my heart that when I look out for the building now, I'm not going to be smiling- I'm going to spot your s*****y artwork and feel that sting of anger. Live a life worth dreaming of...well, my dear, you have just created a nightmare. The only thing good to come out of this is you have united an island of people in a cause, and hopefully raise awareness about the importance of preserving historical sites here. I truly hope this is swiftly removed, although it seems a shame that anyone else should have to sit down in the hot sun and clean up your mess. If you really felt sorry for what you did, you would already be on your way back here to get scrubbing. If you ain't coming back to clean up, then please don't bother coming back at all. Ever."

One Government official has weighed in on the debate with similar sentiments. Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner said "my position is that a Bajan couldn't fly to NY and do that. ".

There were not all negative reactions to the painting however.

While  foreveryounglorenzosa said that he understands why some persons may be angry about it, he urged Barbadians to speak up on other areas, while stating that there was not similar outrage when the building was altered for the filming of the Bold and the Beautiful:

"Y'all might cuss me...but I saw the piece last Friday and was pleased to see the art...I didn't know who did it until now...but I felt the positivity in the art...something that we need here in Barbados...y'all gonna act up on this post but won't act up about all of the negative things that are happening here in Barbados....

"Don't get me wrong...I understand why some might be mad...due to it being a historical site...but in my opinion it added value to This building... And I can tell that all of the people complaining aren't even from the trust me I know...because I live here...and everyone I know who live down here all share the same view as if we the ppl of bathsheba enjoy this piece of art...who are y'all to be acting up? Oh and when you said "untouched" I guess you didn't know that ppl that the tv show "the bold and the beautiful" shot a scene in that very building...and guess what they did? Fixed it up to shoot the scene...but I guess that wasn't an issue because they were rich? Why didn't bajans act up about "defacing" the very same historical building?"

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