Monday 6 April, 2020

Over 1000 cases of child abuse recorded by Child Care Board

The Child Care Board (CCB) continues to grapple with high incidents of child abuse, having registering over 1000 cases in 2017. Out of this number more than half of these cases recorded were child neglect. 

Information on these statistics was revealed by Senior Child Care officer, Delvina Waithe during a media sensitization workshop on the topic Ethical Guidelines for Reporting on Children. The workshop, held at Accra Beach Hotel on Thursday was attended by officials of the CCB, UNICEF and the local media.  

Waithe said of the 1004 cases recorded, 547 of them involved neglect in the 5-11 age group. The 12-16 age group, registered the highest number of sexual abuse cases with females making up the bulk of the numbers. Abandonment had the lowest number of cases recorded.  

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She said the CCB continues to address child neglect through community education and training programs. 

Waithe said the CBB is also concerned about the high number of incidents of cyberattacks and cyber bullying which often leads to depression, self-harm and even threats of suicide.  

She said the CBB has recognized three main contributing factors to child abuse- socio-cultural factors, norms and values and exploitative relationships, adding, those in the lower socio-economic brackets are more susceptible to cases of abuse.  

Further to that, Waithe noted, the perception that children need lashes to be disciplined exasperates incidents of physical abuse.  

“Many persons in our society still subscribe to the notion that harsh physical and emotional punishment must be used as a means to install discipline.” 

She urged parents to consider that parenting goes beyond providing clothing, food and shelter for their charges.  

She added the CCB will continue to employ proactive approaches to dealing with child abuse through the use of education programs in the nursery to secondary school level.  


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