Friday 28 February, 2020

Over 270 road fatalities recorded in Jamaica for 2019

Some 243 males and 30 females.

That’s the breakdown of the 273 persons who died in road fatalities in Jamaica since the start of the year, with males accounting for 89 per cent of all fatalities and females making up the remaining 11 per cent.

Director of the Road Safety Unit (RSU) Kenute Hare, has expressed that with these numbers the country will not meet its target of 300 or fewer road deaths this year.

In fact, Hare is lamenting that the numbers are projected to increase as motorcyclists and pedestrians continue to be the road users being killed in the traffic environment.

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“Road users must obey the rules of the road at all times. We cannot afford to lose anyone else, slow down and save lives as we approach the new school year,” Hare pleaded.

The RSU, which is located in the Ministry of Transport and Mining, is again appealing to motorists to reduce their speed and exercise greater caution on the nation’s roads.

“We are appealing to drivers to cut their speed and look out for vulnerable road users. Never overtake at a bend or at a junction or unnecessarily; never drive in a manner that will prove offensive to other road users,” he said.

Additionally, Hare is again urging that all drivers fasten their seat belts and ensure that their passengers do the same.

A breakdown of the latest statistics provided by the Unit show that vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, pedestrians and pillions, account for 64 per cent of all fatalities since the start of the year.

Fatalities for 2019 are projected to increase by three per cent when compared with 2018 when 389 persons perished in motor vehicle crashes.

The 273 fatalities so far this year resulted from 248 fatal crashes and, according to the RSU, fatal crashes and fatalities have increased by 22 per cent and 19 per cent respectively when compared with the similar period in 2018.

When compared to 2018, the RSU said:

*Child fatalities are projected to decrease by five per cent.

*Elderly fatalities are projected to increase by 32 per cent.

*Pedestrian fatalities are projected to increase by 16 per cent.

*Private motor vehicle passenger fatalities are projected to decrease by seven per cent.

*Private motor vehicle driver fatalities are projected to decrease by 16 per cent.

*Motorcyclist fatalities are projected to increase by 24 per cent.

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