Thursday 27 February, 2020

Over 75 per cent of PSV operators need to get right with the law

Constitution River Terminal (FILE)

Constitution River Terminal (FILE)

As the Alliance Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) admits that they want to move forward with the government to rid the public service vehicles (PSVs) industry of its challenges, the President is pledging to help all operators get right within Barbados law.

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President Roy Raphael told Loop News:

"What we would like to do as an organisation is to encourage our members to cooperate with the police. I know that there were some discussions about 75 per cent of persons who are working on our PSVs are not registered. They are not legal.

"We welcome their service, some of them, the ones that behave properly. We would assist them to get into the system and be on the right side of the law."

He said that if they take the steps to get right they will not find themselves before the law courts or behind bars.

"So that if the police mount an exercise they would not get charged for breaching the law. We will be making an appeal very shortly to our PSV operators, particularly the conductors to go to MTW [Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance] or to contact our office where we can assist them because some persons love to work on our PSVs it is a great job opportunity for them but we would like to see them do the right thing."

His comment comes a day after videos were circulating on social media showing members of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) conducting stop and searches as vans and ZRs exit the new Constitution River Terminal along Nursery Drive last night.

Raphael said he did not have info on last night's operation but, "We are finding that the police and the Transport Authority are doing more searches now. They are concentrating a lot more into the Terminal now than before. And we are believing that we would like to support the police in terms of maintaining law and order."

In addition, he disclosed, "Hopefully, by December 31 we shall have all of our members in a uniform. We are working towards that. So shortly you’d be seeing the new uniforms that is [sic] authorized by the Transport Authority."

And the AOPT President reminded that on the table still to be discussed with government officials, the AOPT are still waiting to discuss the possibilities for an increase in bus fare, duty-free concessions and an ease in fuel taxes.


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