Thursday 1 October, 2020

Passenger who sat near COVID-positive traveller tests positive

Barbadian health authorities have netted another COVID-19 case due to resting, contact tracing and quarantining out of caution after five passengers on one July 4th flight tested positive.

According the health officials in Barbados under normal circumstances this latest patient could have gone undetected for a long period of time.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George, explained (July 15), that following the positive diagnoses of five returning nationals last weekend, a decision was taken to extend the quarantine period of persons seated in close proximity to those five.

The Chief Medical Officer said:

“For a person to test positive 11 days after arriving in the county and after two negative tests seven days a apart is very interesting in the least, but I am happy that we did the necessary contact tracing and that we benefitted from the full cooperation of passengers aboard that flight. However, this is COVID-19 and we shall not stop our search for any and all possible instances of spread in Barbados."

Those persons would have tested negative twice, seven days apart, but they remained under close supervision of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, and were told to self quarantine for another week, out of an abundance of caution.

According to the report from the Health Ministry, "someone seated close to one of the five that tested positive last weekend, has now, on their third examination, tested positive for the coronavirus."

The Ministry stresses that:

"Not many countries in the world, if any at all, administers a third test. But Barbados chose this course of action, following last weekend’s five case revelation. And to date, that third testing of selected passengers on the repatriation flight from New York to Barbados on July 4 has thrown up a single new positive case."

The individual is a 54-year-old Barbadian woman, who has remained in quarantine ever since returning to the country. The Health officials say that she obeyed and complied with the request for her to extend her quarantine period.

Barbados' tally is 104 confirmed cases.

The Best-Santos Public Health laboratory has now completed 9,091 tests. There are 104 confirmed cases, 90 recoveries and seven deaths.

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