Wednesday 22 May, 2019

Patrons warn promoters: 'Leave out' the foreign acts

Partygoers are urging promoters of Independence-themed events to make use of more Barbadian artistes.

This was the cry at Twisted Entertainment's Bim Tipsy held at the Bellevue Polo Field last Sunday which saw one foreign artiste were booed off stage midway through the performance.

The event kicked off at around 4:00 pm on a high note with host Infamous HD and a lineup of popular DJs Hutchy and Sizz, Andwele and Reko Chase, Bubbles and Evolution, Jus Jay, Jagwa, and Monstapiece.

It was orange haired songbird Nikita's sweet rendition of the Barbados national anthem at around 7:30 pm which signalled the official start of performances.

The General Edwin Yearwood paid homage to Krosfyah's 30 year mark by singing popular songs including "Pump Me Up" and "Sak Passe", while Hypadawg/Chihuahua also known as Lil Rick ended the show with an energetic performance of "True Story" and "Mother Sally" to name a few.

Machel Montano did not disappoint partygoers who sang along to many of his songs word for word before he brought Ding Dong Ravers on stage to perform their newly released collaboration "So Good".

Performing popular songs "Fling Yuh Shoulda" ,"Genna Bounce" and "Lebeh Lebeh" (New Dance) Ding Dong Ravers solo performance seemed to be fruitful in the beginning. 

However it was midway through their performance that patrons noticed it was one of the longer performances of the night and began to get frustrated.

Speaking to Loop some patrons openly vented their frustration about the event.

"I am very disappointed that promoters would still think that for an Independence event they would bring in somebody from overseas and got them up and down the stage for nearly an hour.  The party was going nice before this. I hope promoters learn and improve more going forward," said one individual who advised promoters to use more Barbadian artistes.

"I can count so many performers on my hands in Barbados who could fill that spot up there. There is King Bubba, Stiffy, Hollaback, Scrilla or even the same Jagwa would have done a better job. We got to stop looking outside and value the talent we have here. Leave them long performances for Reggae on the Hill or Hennessy Artistry, not for a so called Independence event."

Another individual who spoke to Loop expressed his annoyance about Ding Dong Raver's long performance however believed that this did nor entirely "spoil" the show.

"The event wasn't too bad you know. It's just Ding Dong decide to perform and drag it on long and had people bored and angry. I dont even know why they brought him in in the first place, they could have used the singers we have here, but that is the only thing I didn't like about the event. The food lines were extremely long but that is something I would expect from a show like this especially when you're getting free food but other than that it was good, the fireworks and everything was cool."


The event finished just after midnight following an array of fireworks.




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