Saturday 4 April, 2020

Perfume scammers driving around again

Cries of “Psst! My friend, you remember me? We went school together!” are once again bombarding persons as they walk the streets or seek to go about their business at malls on island.

This morning, after receiving a complaint from a lady who was in the parking lot of Sky Mall when approached, Loop News contacted Police spokesperson Roland Cobbler and he told persons to never drop their guard.

Acknowledging that this trend is not new, unfortunately, he said:

“That used to be happening a lot a long time ago, and this lady like she loves to troll the parking lots of businesses like supermarkets and stuff.”

So with a possible re-emergence, he reiterated, “Don’t approach the vehicle. Do not converse with strangers because if you have a conversation with the stranger or strangers you may be distracted and then somebody might approach you from the back or something.”

Thinking of other scammers who roam through neighbourhoods as well, Cobbler stressed for persons to be vigilant and always demand to see identification or call business places to confirm that identification details are real and not falsified.


“Whenever you are approached by persons who are purporting to be legitimate businesspersons always make sure that you can confirm that they are who they actually say they are before you even engage in discussion with them.

People will come with various scams in a bid to get people to part with their money, so we always try to instil or suggest to persons, always try to ensure legitimacy before they conduct any sort of business transactions or discussions period.”

Also, he reminded that many establishments take care to issue public notices before sending out employees to conduct door-to-door visits in an effort to give citizens a heads-up and advance warning.


[Editor's Note - January 14, 2017, 8:00am]

Many persons have been coming forward and talking about their own experiences as well. See hereHOT TOPIC: Perfume scammers driving around again


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