Monday 15 July, 2019

PHOTOS: Digicel Barbados connecting LTE network islandwide 

Digicel took its celebrations to the north of the island recenlty, with a motorcade and after party.

Speightstown was filled with a hub of activities on Saturday, April 14th, when Digicel took to the streets to educate residents about their LTE network and to thank them for their support thus far.

The telecommunications company which celebrated 14 years in business this year, first switched on its LTE network in October 2016 and has expanded it throughout the island since then.

The Long Term Evolution, also known as LTE, which is one of the newest forms of mobile technology, produces the fastest way to share, stream, surf and connect to the internet.

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Being the first telecommunications company in Barbados to be able to do such, Digicel showed its excitement by having a massive motorcade throughout Speightstown and neighbouring communities, finishing off at the Speightstown Esplanade for an afterparty and "cool down session".

The motorcade featured DJ Bon, the Sunshine Dancers, Adrenalin Dancers, Cheerleaders and Shaggy Beers. DJ Jodes and Kingscoobz along with Digicel ambassador Mikey held down the after party until around 6:00 pm.

Hats, bottles, bags and other branded items were also given out by Digicel staff throughout the days proceedings.

Digicel Barbados Speightstown motorcade

CEO Alex Tasker spoke to patrons following the motorcade:

"Today is special for us in Speightstown not only are we celebrating all of the things we do in terms of our specials, but bringing out the teams to welcome you and to have a few giveaways."

Adding that the network has now switched from 3G to LTE in the north of the island, Tasker encouraged patrons to switch to LTE and experience the efficiency of this new feature.

"My mark for us in Speightstown and beyond is the fact that you can now switch your phones on to something more powerful and better, that's our LTE. So if you have a Digicel phone you can ask any of my team members to help you to switch on to LTE to really get a true experience what the speed of your data will be. I wouldn't want you to compare now but you can switch on, ask my colleagues to help you and what a wonderful experience you will feel in the next couple minutes or so.

"In Digicel we pride ourselves in bringing LTE to the north of the island and as we speak we're rolling out LTE accross all of Barbados which is a special occasion for us so for persons who would have began with us in 2004, we've upgraded you to 3G and we've now upgraded you past 3G now into LTE. If you doubt me you can take your phones and switch it to LTE. I was showing off with some of the attendants here this afternoon what a wonderful experience it was on LTE."

Encouraging residents to continue supporting Digicel, he assured them that Digicel will definitely be coming back to the north of the island, with hopes of eventually being the "MVP of LTE in the north".

"So continue to support Digicel, we will be back on this side of the island. We love the north of the island so we'll be coming back with some more specials. We promise you we're coming back to make sure we scope out all of those things and we promise you we're coming back to give you more of what Digicel is all about. So look out for us. If you're not yet a member of Digicel now is a good time to do it.

"You could do it through our play services, you can do it through our business services and you can also do it through your personal handsets and landline so look out for us, we will be giving you the ultimate experience and we will be considered the MVP of LTE in the north of the island."

Some residents in the area took the opportunity to sign up with Digicel while others supported the Special Olympics by purchasing food items from their stall.


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