Saturday 26 September, 2020

PHOTOS: Enchanting start to 2019 at Hilton Barbados

It was truly a 'Spellbound' night under the stars at the Hilton Barbados on New Year's Eve. 

Guests were left filled with anticipation at the Needhams Point resort on Old Year's Night, as entertainment such as Saxophonist Elan Trotman and Friends, as well as the smooth jazzy voice of Marisa Lindsey, truly lived up to the theme 'Spellbound: A Night Under the Stars' as they infused the crowd with a sense of expectancy. 

A 'Spellbound' night under the stars at the Hilton Barbados


There was then a true sense of awe and togetherness at the event entitled when the countdown towards midnight began, as friends and family bundled together ready to face the new year with delight. 

And the captivation began when the clock signalled the start of 2019, as persons of all ages embraced their loved ones and stood mesmerised by the wonder of the stunning display of fireworks that the Hilton Barbados has become renowned for.

It was a night that guests would never forget, as memories of the event will no doubt continue to leave them 'Spellbound'. 

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