Thursday 6 August, 2020

PHOTOS: Erup The Band paying special attention to masqueraders in 2018

Erup The Band's 2018 Amertrine section.

Erup The Band's 2018 Amertrine section.

The three-year-old band launched its Kadooment costumes at the George Washington House.

Although most Crop Over bands usually focus on getting numbers, Erup The Band will be taking a different route this year by paying special attention to masqueraders whilst providing a full VIP experience on the road.

Under the theme Hidden Treasures, Gems of the Caribbean the band launched five colourful sections on Friday night-  Amertrine, Black Opals, Mystic Topaz, Mojave and White Diamond each representing a gem from around the Caribbean.

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"We put all the colours together, the designers [Trinidadian] blended them together and made them exciting!" said Clarke.

It was no doubt that the costumes were exciting. From the time the first section Amertrine hit the stage at 12:00 am sharp, patrons were in awe. The White Diamond frontline costume and Mojave butterfly-like design seemed to spark some patrons' interest, however it was the Mystic Topaz plus-size model in her whole piece costume design which took the cake.

Erup The Band 2018 launch

Launching only five sections this year, Director/Marketing Manager Tedroy Clarke explained that the reason behind this was to give persons value for their money.

"Our masqueraders like special attention so that's why we decided to have a small band. It's always good to have a big, nice, elaborate band but then the people don't have the attention. People like attention. They pay their money- they want attention, they want to feel like a VIP. 

"They want to feel very important when they're jumping on the road so they like to have makeup done, they like to go sit back and chillax, they want to have nice hot food at the end of the jump, they want to have unlimited drinks, they want to have ice, they want to have everything that they paid for and to be happy at the end of the jump."

Stressing that "it was alot of work and sleepless nights," Clarke said that he was overall contented because "at the end of the day they paid off well!"

"It was a good showcase! We're proud of our models, we take good care of them, we make sure that they're happy! That's what we want and that's what we want to bring to Crop Over going on for many years to come. The goal is not just to have a fabulous show but to make sure our people are happy and our road experience is amazing!" he added.

"We want the people to enjoy the launch and feel the vibe of the festival, enjoy the Crop Over music- the local music especially because we want to push our local music out there and get people to be more interested in it since we have a huge overseas market that come to Barbados and jump with us."

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Clarke further went on to tell patrons what to expect on the road this year along with these exciting costumes.

"We're going to have some performers, amazing DJs to play some amazing music, delicious snacks from our sponsors, a nice alcohol snowcone cart because it will be hot outside, we make sure we have enough security and all of that. The team is playing a fantastic role on the road."

For any person thinking about having their own Crop Over Band, Clarke told them to prepared for the hard-work which he admitted was the "most challenging" aspect of managing a band.

"Any individual that is now deciding to have a Crop Over band I would tell them it's a lot of work. It looks fabulous but it's a lot of work - it's a lot of energy, going out there looking for sponsors, making sure that your sponsors are happy from previous years before and go out there to make them the best candidate. "You want to leave your name or your brand that people will always remember you. Make sure that when you go out there you represent."


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