Wednesday 28 October, 2020

PHOTOS: Juniors trample Kadooment stage, jump around Kensington Oval

A young reveller with Gwyneth Squires' Junior Kadooment Band

A young reveller with Gwyneth Squires' Junior Kadooment Band

Hundreds of children enjoyed and savoured the taste of their small slice of Crop Over, Barbados' Sweetest Summer Festival.

With many aspects of Barbados' festivities for the season being inappropriate for children or exclusive to adults, Junior Kadooment is the minors' time to shine and shine they did. In fact, they shined, shimmered, glittered, bedazzled, danced, split, sang, jumped, rolled, strolled and did a bit of everything under the sun to demonstrate their sheer joy at being involved in this year's Junior Kadooment.


For some, the whole vibe was contained inside the Kensington Oval venue with crossing the stage as the highlight of the day's proceedings. Meanwhile, for a select few bands, the young revellers even got to sample what it would be like to jump as they exited the Oval and hit the inner street circling the cricketing mecca. The little ones jumped behind a music truck and ended their mini-Kadooment at Cricket Legends on Fontabelle. Two such bands were Kevin Small's Fifth Element and Sanka & Sonia Price's Blackbird Productions.

Check out our photo gallery below:

Junior Kadooment 2019 at Kensington Oval

Also included in the day's display were bands: Xante, Haynesville Youth Club, Northermas, Betty West Productions, Ellerslie School, Springer Memorial School, Young Spirits Community Group, St. Mark's Primary, Eunoia Kids, Lend A Hand Community Band, Triple Force, Amalgamated Schools, Celebrating Seasons in BIM and the Royalty Junior Kadooment Band.

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