Sunday 9 August, 2020

PHOTOS: Pork in the City is a hit!

-by Daveny Ellis 

Barbadians tucked in to a feast to remember as the debut Pork in the City event took the island by storm.

The event was a rich culinary enticement of flavors with foods such as Pig In The Field; A Pulled Pork, Green Banana & Casava Croquette with Pepper Relish.

DODI Pork in The City

The Open Cutta; Slow-Cooked Spiced Beer, Farmer's Choice Ham on a Toasted Bun with Onion Aioli

And Swine In Valor; Spare Ribs, Pig Tails with Dodi Slaw and Sweet Potato Salad

Cocktails included:

East Coast; A blend of Seagrapes, Citrus & Rum finished with Himalayan Rock Salt.

Bed Time; Chai Tea and Rum Topped with Ginger Beer.

The event is the brainchild of Culinary and Bartending Experience collective, DODI working closely with Topshelf Bar Academy and branding team Made for Media.

Self-proclaimed "Chief Cook and Plate Washer," Thaddeus Sealy, is one of the main driving forces behind DODI and said this is the first event in their city series.

They previously held very intimate dining experiences and hope to do many more events in the coming year.

"Not many events you can attend for a good meal and then learn how to mix your own cocktails." says Chef Thaddeus Sealy

Thaddeus considers himself a "Cheftender," a Chef and Bartender and feels as though the idea for Dodi may not be new but it is something that might be new for many here on the island.

"I describe Dodi as a culinary experience supporting local food producers and food manufacturers by combining an expert use of food and cocktails."

He described the experience of this event as a success and went into a little detail around the execution.

"We keep our menu a secret for the most part till the event and only let our patrons know our base ingredients. But we do make those attending alert us to any specific allergies they may have and then we craft our dishes. Making sure to be mindful of the customers while still finding a unique and inspired way to use these signature local ingredients."

The first Pork in The City event was held at The Church Village Green and was sold out with glowing reviews from those attending. Looking forward to 2020, Thaddeus and his team are ready to excite the palate of Barbadians so he says they should stay alert as they Dodi has much more to come.

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