Monday 19 November, 2018

PHOTOS: Stationery, socks, uniforms flying off shelves in school rush

Little boy trying on his new school shirt in F.W. Woolworth Barbados

Little boy trying on his new school shirt in F.W. Woolworth Barbados

It's the final week before public nursery, primary and secondary schools reopen for the academic year 2018/2019 and parents and guardians are out in their numbers grabbing their last-minute items.

Managing Director, F. W Woolworth Barbados, Martin Bryan looked around the store at parents helping young boys try their school shirts on the open floor, while others perused the socks to find sizes as they flew off the shelves and told Loop News:

"Socks are in demand. Last minute things for us as the socks, stationery, some uniforms, people are still buying uniforms, but this weekend for sure it's going to be socks, stationery, underwears that kind of thing, You'll still get uniforms especially with the older kids going into sixth form and whatnot. Other than that, it's busy."

Asking parents why uniforms are amongst the last-minute back-to-school purchases, a few mothers said that they were anticipating the summer growth spurt, so they wait till the last week. One woman said, "I swear he shoot up a foot since school shut, so his pants would be nippy now if I did buy them with his books back up in July."

Throughout town, the picture was the same in all bookstores. In Pages, Cave Shepherd, which had restocked a lot of the textbooks, the representatives were saying that they are actually out of stock already again in things they had just brought.

But parents were not sticking to the established stores alone, vendors who were selling school socks and undies were also seeing back-to-school sales. 


Back-to-school August rush 2018 in Barbados

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